Jeremy Hunter was born and educated in the UK, but has spent more than half of his life travelling and working in different countries around the world: Portugal, Turkey, Egypt, New Zealand, Australia, India and China. He recently relocated with his family to Thailand.
Jeremy started his career in sales, but spent more than 30 years in General Management and Presidential roles across a range of different industries from cleaning supplies to textiles, pharmaceuticals to metal fasteners, and latterly adhesives, sealants and functional coatings
Jeremy has great success in turning around underperforming businesses. His strong analytical capabilities coupled with excellent interpersonal and coaching skills, allows him to build and develop high performing teams who can drive profitable and sustainable businesses.
His German colleagues often referred to his “so-called British humour”. Jeremy does not take life (or himself) too seriously and believes a smile and a joke can lighten many a stressful situation.

Pre-Covid, Jeremy regularly took his humour onto the stage and was regularly requested to MC corporate events.

Jeremy has ”performed” at global Henkel events in Paris, Dublin and Lisbon in recent years. He was also very honoured to give the keynote speech to MBA graduates at the China European International Business School in Shanghai in 2018.
Jeremy Hunter Consulting Ltd is focused on three main areas:
Outside of work, Jeremy is a big fan of Manchester United and the NZ All Blacks. He also loves Bruce Springsteen, (pre-Covid) Van Morrison and listens to an awful lot of 70’s reggae (or a lot of awful 70’s reggae depending on your viewpoint…)