In mid-2019 I started to post regularly on LinkedIn: A mixture of anecdotes and professional tips I had picked up over a lifetime living and working across the globe, as well as some of my favourite old jokes. My stated aim was simply to engage, educate and entertain.
To my surprise (and immense pleasure), these stories and posts seemed to resonate with many people, some of whom even told me: “You should write a book!”
So I did!
“Why Did Nobody Tell Me?” is a loose – very loose! – collection of the lessons I wish I had known earlier in my life and career: Some are serious and some are light-hearted, but hopefully they are lessons you will find useful in your quest to be happy and successful in life (and at work).
This is not a “How To…” manual and is not intended to be prescriptive nor dogmatic. It is unashamedly personal, somewhat whimsical and definitely random. I freely acknowledge that what works for me may not necessarily work for everyone. There are no worksheets, action plans or exercises so feel free to dip in and out as you see fit. Treat it as a buffet: Some parts you will enjoy, other parts you can skip. As with most buffets, some parts may even make you nauseous!
Available now on Amazon and wherever you buy your ebooks.

Please enjoy responsibly.