Jeremy Hunter was born and educated in the UK, but has spent more than half of his life travelling and working in different countries around the world: Portugal, Turkey, Egypt, New Zealand, Australia, India and China. He recently relocated with his family to Thailand.

Jeremy started his career in sales, but spent more than 30 years in General Management and Presidential roles across a range of different industries from cleaning supplies to textiles, pharmaceuticals to metal fasteners, and latterly adhesives, sealants and functional coatings.

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Jeremy Hunter Consulting Ltd is focused on three main areas

You Should
Write a Book!

You should write a book!”

In mid-2019 I started to post regularly on LinkedIn: A mixture of anecdotes and professional tips I had picked up over a lifetime living and working across the globe, as well as some of my favourite old jokes. My stated aim was simply to engage, educate and entertain.

To my surprise (and immense pleasure), these stories and posts seemed to resonate with many people, some of whom even told me: “You should write a book!”

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